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Welcome to Atria Recruitment, a specialist recruitment company focusing on the Construction, Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas, Utility and Power Industries.

Who we are...

Atria Recruitment is a bespoke resource company formed by two experienced construction professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Construction, Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas, Utility and Power Industries internationally.

We have a combined service of over 20 years within these industries where we helped to implement and deliver a variety of projects ranging from £10K in value to £100 million. We also draw on significant expertise from a network of close contacts within these sectors

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What we do...

Atria Recruitment utilise their experience of working within these industries in order to source the best candidates for our client’s requirements.

We are a bespoke resource company who deal very discreetly with both Client and Candidate, and, therefore, do not advertise the vacancies we have online. We find this approach means that we do not replicate what anyone else is doing, and we are able to provide the highest calibre of candidates who may not be actively looking at the market.

We strive to meet your business needs. We have an extensive library of CV’s from candidates who we have either worked with or are highly recommended by respected professionals within the respective industries aforementioned.

Why we are different…

In the past, we believe clients have been let down by recruiters looking to provide a quick fix in order to make a quick profit. Your average recruitment company will employ a monthly target driven recruitment professional who may understand the general requirements of a role, but can’t drill in to the specifics.

Atria Recruitment as a business is not target driven as the aim of our business is to develop long term client and candidate relationships through the success of the people we provide and the suitability of the roles we place our candidates in. Our meticulous selection criteria coupled with our detailed understanding of various roles within our industries mean that we WILL provide the right people at the right price